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wtf why does your plant cell drawing HAVE A MULLET?


The Shanti Chanita Jennifer Experience
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Jennifer [jfu] Chanita [chiquitarox] Shanti [synthetique]

Hello. This is a closed community, access only to Jennifer, Chanita, and the artist formerly known as Shanti. The three of us are best friends fow evahhh, and therefore we're not looking for anyone else to induct into our little club at the moment. Jen and Shanti are next-door neighbors, and therefore can spy on each other in the shower. Chanita likes to try on short skirts and slutty halter tops, Jen likes to talk with a heavy British accent, and Shanti likes to exessively use netspeak. Jen likes to eat avocados at Chanita's house. We all like to play dress up with old dresses, sneak around in people's houses, and listen to Jennifer's stupid emo bands. Shanti is in love with Daniel Radcliffe. We [Chanita excluded] seem to lack definitive "azn pride", but it's all good. We're all super smart [cough] and really modest. Our faaaaavorite class ever is AP Biology. JK! Shanti is oh-so-scene! Watching Drive Thru Records DVDs is fun. Chanita and Jennifer like to write songs, and then sing them while playing the guitar and/or piano. Shanti holds the microphone. Shanti and Jennifer are piano virtuosos. Chanita would like to think she is. Jennifer is unable to put together coherent sentences; "that is totally not my fair!". Shanti is very good at grammar, but procrastinates too much. Chanita is a teacher's pet. Shanti looks like Ashlee Simpson from the back at times. Er--yeah. Jen and Shanti like to be pompous scenesters KTHXBAI.

Anyway, don't try joining, or we'll be on yo ass like white on rice. Or pad thai. Yes, we know we are elitist bitchez. It comes from being rich.

PS: We r all very sexii so hot boyz cum an d chat wit us!!!11
!!!!!benjamin brackett, ace enders, anakin, ap biology, asldkjwaoefjkw i'm[shanti] so fatttttt!!!112311, being a rich-bitch, being laaame, being pompous scenesters, being redonkulous, being ridiculous, being s-twins, chaniiiiitha, chanita loves diffuser, chanita's black hair, chiquita banana, chocolate-covered remus, creepy man hug, crocheted hats, crotch grabbing, cty, daniel radcliffe, death to ashlee simpson, dissecting fetal pigs, dorkapus. ?, drinking pinesol, drinking wine, drugs not hugs, emo!!111, geek chic, good tasting things, harry potter!, hiding in houses, jay-foo, jen & bad music, jen loves the-early- november, jesse boring, jumpers, lovarrs, not bananas, not ignorant masses, not poking shanti, omg alcohol?, our lady of mercy, pinwheels, playing dress up, playing the gee-tah, pokefest 2005, pr0n, quita, saaaaanthi, sale shopping, sex, shaniqua, shanti drawing mullets, shanti drunk, shanti is a nerd, shanti is oh-so-scene!, shanti loves elliott smith, shanti's ashlee simpson hair, shanti's liek sooooo rich, shanté, singing off key, sirius is sex, sleepovers, spending time with remaining-limbs, st. lukes episcopal school, strip poker, teal hoodies from uo, the early november, thrift stores, thrillah!, urban outfitters!!!111, verbally assaulting people, verbally salting people, vintage porn dresses, vintage prom dresses, virginxcore, watching drive-thru records dvds, watching poa numerous times, watching porn during ap-bio-labs, we're not drunk! we-swear, wwzmd?, y tu mama tambien, you're supposed-to stroke it!